For nearly a century, men’s thongs were not that common. It was only in the last two decades that men’s thongs started appearing in the main stream. It was then from new and emerging brands, which weren’t readily available in the mass marketplace and could only found in through niche outlets or online stores.

Lately however, apart from these once niche, but now key names in the underwear industry, comes well known brands which have started offering men’s thongs. To say these popular brands have come into the fray is an understatement. They offer very a limited selection, often just one, and even so, aren’t easy to find or get a hold of. Let’s go through some of these, which are breaking through forced norms, albeit seemingly reluctantly and perhaps as an after thought at times.


The brand which started out 1978, to become one of the most well known denim companies in the world, is one of the leading names in the world of fashion at the moment. Diesel has always sought to do things differently and innovate so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they’ve branched into men’s thongs:


A long standing brand in the underwear arena offers the modern man the choice of thong underwear. This is as close to the thong version of tighty whities as you can get, while not coming in a white option. With a sleeker, more stylish, cut profile yet similar front, wide sides and waist band, the back tapers in the rear to form quite a cheeky piece.

Calvin Klein

A iconic name in the fashion landscape which describes itself as “bold, progressive… seductive [with] often minimal, aesthetic,” offers a two pack cotton thong which comes the form of a tanga sides and front

If you’ve come across any of these or know of other well known brands that offer men’s thongs as well, let us know in the comments below.

Image used in main picture by Freepik