This site is home to everything related to swimwear and underwear. The goal is to seek to understand where we are and how we came about the present circumstances of how culture, history and beliefs have inextricably molded, and at times dictated, what exactly underwear is and what has been acceptable.

We cannot possibly have a clear picture of any time period, except for the present moment and the recent past which can be assessed with experiential information as well as that found in popular culture and media. But lets dive in and see what we can unravel.

We will also seek to enlighten and empower people to express themselves, be free and enjoy what they like while trying go to peel back the layers of repression and recycled dogma which has prevented certain people from feeling and wearing what they would like. From a cursory glance, this has already started happening as a natural organic course of history seems to be taking us that way, But a little help wouldn’t hurt it as we guide it along to a more mature, open-minded path.

Alongside the more philosophical, anthropological side of things, we will of course be looking at the current trends, styles and fashion of just swimwear, underwear and more.

The time for being open and living has always been the present. So let’s go and do it every moment of our lives :). Thank you for reading this short intro. Happy life and welcome once again.