It’s not often you come across a swim thong at this price point, which isn’t some random brand number off of AliExpress. ASOS have been great when it comes to a good selection of thong underwear and one style of thong swimwear. Alongside this is an ASOS exclusive swim thong from Collusion which is a new creative that launched in 2018 focusing on cruelty free and inclusive styles and fashion.

Thong & Material

The suit features a full front, similar to typical Speedos, but with a somewhat steeper cut. This might be prone to bunching while wearing so this effect could be more pronounced while moving and especially after swimming.

Collusion Swim Thong
Collusion Swim Thong

The sides of the swim thong are fairly wide, however compared to traditional swim briefs are quite narrow.

Collusion Thong Waistband
Collusion Thong Waistband

The sides run around to the back and gradually tapers to the thong back. Unlike traditional thongs, which have backs that are relatively the same width at the sides and extend to the thong through a small triangle in the middle, the Collusion swim thong has a much deeper back.

Collusion Thong Back

Comfort & Wear

The suit is made of 81% Polyester and 19% Elastane and offers and nice smooth finish that is quite soft. It does sit quite high on the waist.

The model shown is extra-small which is supposed to fit a waist of 28″ – 30″ (inches). The fist is only slightly snug and is otherwise quite comfortable and alluring. Overall it looks and feels great, however with one catch being that the front crotch area is a feels a bit loose and somewhat unsecured.

Now this might be OK for sunbathing or lounging and perhaps some light dips in the water but would be prone to having to adjust after moderate activity in the water so might not be great for laps or serious swim sessions.


The fit and material make this quite a nice piece to have and is high-rise. The thong back fits and looks great, the only downside would be that the fit feels a bit too loose, especially in the crotch area which would otherwise detract from a great swim thong at an amazing price point. If Collusion can address the fit issue, this would be a highly recommend piece in any wardrobe.